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Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs

January 3, 2023


Queenston School dedicates itself to effectively educating and empowering confident learners in preparation for their future paths.


By working together, Queenston School staff will provide all students with quality, innovative learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment.

Values and Beliefs Statements

Student learning is the priority and central focus of our collective efforts, and to ensure effective learning instruction is provided that meets the individual student's needs.

The student, family, school staff and community create the educational partnership and share responsibility for learning success.

Safe and caring schools provide a sense of belonging that is conducive to learning.

Our students will engage in relevant and challenging learning opportunities to enhance their academic, personal, social and cultural growth for inclusion in a diverse world.

Lifelong learning and positive risk taking are critical to the success of our students and staff.

We believe and value the above statements; families, colleagues, visitors and the community around us should expect us to uphold them every day.


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