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School Mission Statement, Beliefs and Goals

February 4, 2023


 Ralph Brown staff aim to provide a supportive climate where diversity is valued as being necessary for learning, creativity and innovation.  School staff work collaboratively, within a common growth mindset, to ensure each student is provided opportunities to reach their highest learning potential, takes into account their intellectual, physical, social, emotional and cultural needs fostering their development as global citizens.




 * All students can learn and set high expectations for themselves.

* As a staff, we will set high expectations for ourselves.

* It is our responsibility to provide an environment that fosters creativity, develops critical thinking and promotes academic and personal growth.

* Staff will develop strong home-school connections with families is important to support student attendance and success.

* Staff will celebrate all cultures and languages within our school will help staff, students and families connect through understanding.  




 1. Improve student learning and student performance for ALL students.

2. Support student mental health and wellness by providing students with strategies, resources, experiences and practical information to foster their well-being.  

3. Improve student life and school culture through school-based and community-wide experiences that promote communication and engagement. 

4. Support a collaborative learning climate and culture of continuous improvement and professional learning for ALL staff.

5. Celebrate all cultures and help students to identify and connect with their own culture and language.  



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