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January 30, 2023

Positive Behaviour Interventions and Support

Ralph Brown is a PBIS (Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports) School.  This is a proactive approach to managing social-emotional  issues within the school.

Behavioural expectations are specifically taught and clearly posted so that all students know and understand appropriate school behaviour. Classroom rules are developed and posted as well as our three school-wide rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be the Best You Can Be. Some of our school-wide PBIS strategies are:

  • Students earn 'U Rocked It'  tickets for meeting school and classroom expectations. Tickets are then placed into classroom and school-wide draws for special prizes. On occasion special incentive programs are also used.
  • Students receive Common Area Training throughout the school year. Ralph brown has 16 common areas. One example of a common area is Washrooms.
  • Each week at Ralph Brown students learn a new social skill as part of our ‘Skill of the Week’ program. Some examples of skills taught are listening, waiting your turn, dealing with mistakes and many more.
  • Students learn the value of holistic health through Ralph Brown’s Wellness Wheel.
  • The Stop-Walk-Talk Bullying Prevention Curriculum is taught to all students. The definition of bullying and bullying reporting policy are regularly reviewed.
  • Individualized Wellness Plans are developed with students who require more 'intensive social-emotional' support.
  • Behavioural data is collected and tracked on a monthly basis. This data is used by the PBIS Committee to plan further proactive interventions on an as needed basis.

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