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Lunch Program

September 18, 2023

Important Lunch Program Requirements:  

  • If your child or children attend the lunch program, please ensure that all of their belongings are labeled clearly, particularly their lunch bags and containers.
  • Due to severe allergies, we ask that you do not send your child(ren) with anything that contains peanuts or fish.

If your child(ren) have been marked absent from school, you do not need to notify the Lunch Program. If your child(ren) have permission to leave the school during the lunch hour, please either send a note or email the LP before 11:00am.

The weather can be unpredictable! Please be sure that your child(ren) are appropriately dressed for the weather outside. Heavy rain or temperatures colder than -27˚C, are the only times that we are inside during the lunch recess. We are outside for 25 minutes; we want to make sure our students stay warm and dry.

Hot lunch:
All lunches may now be ordered online at

Orders must be placed up to 5 days before the Fun Lunch date. For example, orders for Friday, February 5th must be completed online by midnight on Sunday, January 31st. Thursday lunch dates, need to be in by the previous Saturday at midnight.

Please note: Lunch orders can also be cancelled at any point up to 5 days before the Fun Lunch date.

You can reach the Lunch Program Director Jenn Szebeledy at


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