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Healthy Minds

December 15, 2022

Mental Health and Self Regulation in our school:

For a quick reset : Let's Breathe!



Recess expectations and conflict mediation in our school.

Zones of regulation, Kelso strategies and mindfulness links 


1. Cliquez ici : for a presentation on zones of regulation

2. Cliquez ici pour les Stratégies de Kelso, conflict resolution strategy


3.  Cliquez ici : 5 Mindfulness tools, pour une présentation sur des outils de pleine conscience 


4. Art therapy : How to draw : (my favorite self regulation tool)  


5. Positive Intentions et affirmations positives 


6. Movement breaks for kids

7. Building Self Esteem in Kids for parents

8. Building Self Esteem in Kids 2 for parents and teachers.

9. Regulatory Practices - A deeper dive into coping strategies for young and old.


10. Mamàhtawisiwin - The Wonder We Are Born With 

11. Internet security

Monsieur Gautron's Health Blog for more...


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