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Multi-Age Programs

May 10, 2021

We believe the mission of École Riverview School is to create a positive learning community which encourages creativity and enables individuals to become active, cooperative learners and responsible citizens.


  • Where possible, children should be grouped over 2 years with the same teacher
  • Teaching should be child-centered, based on individual progress along the continuum of development
  • Children and teachers should take active roles in the learning process
  • Individual learning styles and strengths should be embraced
  • Children should have the opportunity to guide their own learning and take responsibility for their learning
  • The community plays an integral role in the child’s learning
  • Children should be given opportunities for mentoring and leadership
  • An atmosphere of collaboration enhances the sense of community


Using provincial curricular outcomes as a framework, best teaching practices will be implemented within an environment of collaboration, inquiry, and theme and activity-based learning, while developing children’s ability to self-assess and take responsibility for their learning.
  • Insofar as possible, children will be grouped with one teacher over 2 years
  • Balance among teacher-led, shared, and student led inquiry processes, while integrating curricular outcomes and content
  • Teachers are facilitators of learning throughout the inquiry process
  • Focus on integrating curricular subject areas into theme, experiential and activity–based learning through differentiated instruction and multiple intelligences
  • Nurturing of the sense of community within the classroom, the school, and the larger community through celebrations, cross-groupings, community speakers, etc.
  • Opportunities for mentorship, leadership, peer support and cooperative learning
  • Fostering of an appreciation of the arts and their use as a vehicle for expression
  • Atmosphere that values literacy and literature
  • Assessment of and for learning to drive instruction and growth
  • Active involvement of children and teachers in the assessment process to promote ownership of learning, intrinsic motivation and goal setting
  • Parents encouraged to participate in their child’s learning and to support the learning community.

  • Children become lifelong learners
  • Sense of secure and comfortable environment given 2 year timeline with same teacher
  • Uninterrupted continuum of learning over 2 years
  • Less adjustment from year to year
  • Home-school connection is enhanced to support learning
  • Increased opportunities to lead and to follow, to collaborate and to make stable peer connections

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