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February 5, 2021

The membership of the École Riverview School Parent Advisory Council (ERSPAC) is open to any parent, grandparent or legal guardian of children attending École Riverview School.

ERSPAC is governed by an Executive consisting of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, Tree Advocate, and Standing Committee Coordinators. These Standing Committees consist of Fundraising, Parent Education, Before and After School and Lunch Program, French Immersion Advisory Representative, South-End Advisory Representative, Appreciation Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee.  The Executive and Standing Committee members will serve a term of office a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years.  The Tree Advocate shall serve a minimum of 2 years. All ERSPAC Executive are expected to attend all monthly meetings and any specially scheduled meetings that involve their program directly. Passed: May 23, 2012

ERSPAC is also responsible for the recruitment of Classroom Representatives.


* CHAIRPERSON: The responsibilities of this position involve organizing and creating the agenda for monthly ERSPAC meetings, maintaining order and a meaningful flow of topics discussed at these meetings, summarizing meeting minutes to be distributed to Riverview families, notifying school community of meetings and events organized by ERSPAC Executive. The ERSPAC Chair helps to recruit Standing Committee Co-ordinators. The Chair also presents a monthly report at all meetings where any decisions made by ERSPAC can be discussed; correspondence from outside organizations is presented for discussion; and any new business of ERSPAC can be discussed. The Chair, with the assistance of the Vice-Chair, will research and write necessary letters, policy and correspondence required. The Chair is the initial contact person for any school community member who wishes to present concerns regarding the function of ERSPAC at an ERSPAC meeting. Any concerns regarding the school staff, administration or your child's education should be directed to the school principal or vice principal.

* VICE-CHAIRPERSON: The responsibilities of this position primarily involve support for the ERSPAC Chair. In the event that the Chair is absent, the Vice-Chair will step-in. The Vice-Chair will recruit a successor, as the Vice-Chair will automatically replace the Chair position at the Fiscal Year-end meeting in June, making this a two year commitment.

* SECRETARY: The Secretary is responsible for attending and recording minutes for all ERSPAC meetings, both monthly meetings and specially scheduled meetings. These minutes shall be documented and sent out in a timely fashion to the entire ERSPAC Executive, Classroom Representatives and regular ERSPAC meeting attendees.

* TREASURER: The Treasurer is responsible for maintenance and documentation of the funds raised and spent by ERSPAC. These funds primarily originate from ERSPAC fundraising and monetary grants.

* FUNDRAISING: The Fundraising Committee Coordinator is responsible for researching and organizing all fundraisers for the fiscal school year. He/she is responsible for collecting order forms, monies and distributing the items/ services from the fundraiser in an efficient fashion. The monies raised in these fundraisers shall be allocated upon the decision of ERSPAC in its entirety. These monies shall be used for the betterment of the school and its staff and students.​​

*PARENT EDUCATION: This person is responsible for receiving and distributing any educational information that enters the school that is intended for the betterment of the parent/guardian community. Classes or workshops may be organized by this committee when required by ERSPAC.

* FRENCH IMMERSION ADVISORY REPRESENTATIVE: Attendance of all Division wide French Immersion meetings is required by the person(s) holding this position. This representative shall represent ERSPAC and École Riverview School by informing the division of our accomplishments and any concerns we as a group may have. The results of these meeting shall be reported at the next monthly ERSPAC meeting.

* SOUTH END ADVISORY REPRESENTATIVE: Attendance of all South End Division meetings is required by the person(s) holding this position. This representative shall represent ERSPAC and École Riverview School by informing the division of our accomplishments and any concerns we as a group may have. The results of these meeting shall be reported at the next monthly ERSPAC meeting.

*APPRECIATION COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for creating and organizing events to promote a positive relationship between the École Riverview School family community and the school staff and administration. These events are decided on at the discretion of the committee. Some events include staff appreciation weeks, potluck dinners and lunches.

* ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILY COMMITTEE: This Committee shall work with students, school staff and administration to implement sustainable educational activities. This includes helping create and maintain the outdoor environment, implement more sustainable practices in the school and in the playgrounds, link local resources to school initiatives. Any funds required for these activities shall be independent of the general ERSPAC fundraising, and shall not be the responsibility of the ERSPAC Fundraising Committee unless decided upon by ERSPAC.

TREE ADVOCATE:  ERSPAC will incorporate this position and ensure it is filled in accordance with the same requirements as the other ERSPAC Executive offices.  ERSPAC will ensure there is an OLS budget line for materials, supplies, tools on an as-needed basis. It is hoped that a school staff person would be designated as a partner to ERSPAC’s advocate.

The tree advocate will: 

- ensure that – on a year-around basis - weeding, watering and mulching are carried out in an effective and timely manner;

- ensure that the plantings are protected against compaction (when the soil and roots are compressed by foot traffic, this impedes trees' healthy growth and development);

-provide the Principal with a site management plan to ensure on-going knowledge and record-keeping.

*CLASSROOM REPRESENTATIVES: ERSPAC shall be responsible for the recruitment of a Classroom Representative from each classroom and will oversee the collection and utilization of classroom family information to be shared amongst the classroom families. These Classroom Phone Lists are to be used by the classroom families only and are not to be shared amongst any person or organization beyond the ERSPAC community. The Room Reps' responsibilities involve attending monthly ERSPAC meetings where they will find a forum where they can relay any concerns, apart from individual student issues, from their classroom. They are also responsible for distributing the meeting minutes, via email to their classes' families. Their role also involves assisting the classroom teachers in recruiting volunteers and notifying families of classroom news. Their role may also include assisting the classroom teacher with organizing class parties and organizing Christmas and year-end gifts for the teacher on behalf of the parents. Classroom Reps are NOT responsible for issues involving the individual students' education or behaviour; or situations involving the classroom teachers, administration, volunteers or paid staff the students or their families. 

Functions of ERSPAC:

* To facilitate communication between parents and families, school administration, teaching staff and school support staff regarding school programs, activities and procedures.

*To promote a positive relationship with the School Board, Divisional Administration and other agencies relating to the school and student body.

* To promote the image and accomplishments of École Riverview School.

* To assist in promoting a safe neighbourhood environment for the physical well-being of the students.

* To promote, foster and support a positive educational environment involving the students, staff, parents and community members of École Riverview School.

* To provide advice to the school principal in the following areas: school goals; school policies; discipline model; staff utilization; budget allocation; use of facilities; resources and agencies in the community to support school programs.

* To provide a forum for educating ourselves as a school parent advisory council regarding divisional policy and programs.

* To support the school through fundraising and to assist in decisions regarding the allocation of these funds.

Recent ERSPAC Activities:

The following are some examples of ERSPAC recent activities and accomplishments:

* ERSPAC summary of monthly meeting minutes in École Riverview School's newsletter and distribution of monthly minutes to families via email. * Fundraising to supplement financial needs of École Riverview School and its students. Some of these supplements recently include assisting the Grade 6 Farewell Committee with supporting the cost of their celebrations; supporting the School Patrols and Student Leadership programs; supply funding to assist students in attending the bi-annual grade 5/6 summer camp; supplying each classroom teacher with an annual monetary gift with which to spend in their classrooms; supporting the annual "Staff Appreciation" week and various family/school activities; supporting the planting of shade trees surrounding the play structure; supporting the further education of the students and the staff through babysitting courses, food handlers courses and home-alone courses. Other support from recent years include the purchase of Smart Boards for classrooms, purchase of a sound system for the gymnasium, construction of a handicap accessible play structure and the Celebration of École Riverview School's 100th Anniversary in 2009.

* ERSPAC supports the operation of The École Riverview School Before and After School and Lunch Program, and in-service babysitting services employing over 8 paid staff members. Over 150 families utilize these valuable programs, and the staff and committee coordinators are constantly revising to improve the program.

* ERSPAC hosts various public forums as needed to further knowledge of recent events and communication between the school, its families and outside parties.

* ERSPAC responds to issues arising from the Division and its budgets, the Province, and School Policies through appropriate correspondence.

* ERSPAC participates in Divisional Committees such as the South End Advisory Committee and the French Immersion Advisory Committee by sending representatives to their meetings.

ERSPAC's activities change as the needs and the character of the school change. We are always receptive to creative ideas to help improve the school for all of our children.


* ERSPAC's purpose is not a forum for resolving problems of an individual nature relating to a particular child's schooling, but a means to further communication between the families and staff of École Riverview School.

* The name of ERSPAC shall not be used to endorse any publications which are not identified with the functions of ERSPAC.

*Lists of names of members of ERSPAC shall not be made available to any concern for commercial purposes.


*ERSPAC holds duly advertised, regularly scheduled meetings from September to June inclusive on the fourth Wednesday evening of every month. Everyone from the École Riverview School community is encouraged to attend. Babysitting is always available for children of parents wishing to attend.

* ERSPAC holds an Annual General Meeting during the scheduled meeting in May at which time elections for all Executive and Standing Committee Coordinator Positions for the following year are held. All nominations will be considered and appreciated.

*ERSPAC success depends solely on the volunteer participation of all École Riverview School families. Please consider this cause as a worthy and enjoyable expenditure of your family's valuable time and effort.​​​

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