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May 3, 2021

École Riverview School accommodates approximately 320 students from Nursery to Grade six. We offer two programs: English Multi-age and French Immersion. Entry into English multi-age programs can occur at any grade level providing space is available. Entry into the French Immersion program can occur at Kindergarten or grade one levels. Our two programs offer a rich curriculum centred around themes, collaboration and student inquiry. A visitor walking our hallways will see a wonderful variety of work showcasing the amazing talents of our students.

Some of the current features of École Riverview School which new parents may find interesting are:
  • a very involved and committed School Parent Advisory Council;
  • an enthusiastic and highly valued parent volunteer program;
  • specialty rooms for science and arts/crafts;
  • a library that includes extensive collections of both English and French titles;
  • an emphasis on both music and physical education programs that draws enthusiastic participation from students and accolades from parents;
  • provision of basic French instruction for English stream students in grades one to six;
  • cultural activities for enhancement of French programs (for all students);
  • a wide variety of intra-mural sports activities and inter-school team participation;
  • attention to individual needs of children through resource and enrichment programming and integration of special education students;
  • computer assisted learning in a modern lab setting, along with networked computers in each classroom
  • Smartboards in several classrooms throughout the school.


  • Individual Needs: To provide a rich learning environment which recognizes and respects individual differences.
  • Work Habits: To develop a sense of responsibility and pride in academic achievement, work habits and all school endeavours.
  • Self Concept: To promote positive thinking and feelings of confidence and self worth in all students.
  • Challenging Students: To maximize student achievement in all curricular areas through stimulating programs in both English and French consistent with student needs, differences and interests.
  • School and Community: To ensure an atmosphere of trust and mutual support between the school and the community it serves.
  • Respect: To develop respect and appreciation for all people, especially through the multicultural composition and program diversity of our school.
  • Responsibility: To encourage students to be effective problem solvers and take responsibility for their own actions actions and learning.

We believe the mission of École Riverview School is to create a positive learning community which encourages creativity and enables individuals to become active, cooperative learners and responsible global citizens.

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