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December 30, 2022

By the end of grade six, students should be able to demonstrate the following:

Listening Comprehension

  1. Understand the basic structures and vocabulary taught.
  2. Recognize the differences between various sounds and intonations.
  3. Follow directions given in French. 


  1. Pronounce correctly, with good intonation, rhythm and "liaisons".
  2. Participate in oral practice with confidence.
  3. Express themselves in simple language.


  1. Recognize structures and vocabulary taught orally.
  2. Read for global meaning.


  1. Copy structures and vocabulary taught orally and already met in a reading context.


  1. Discuss the existence of French culture at local, regional and national levels (i.e. French restaurants, newspapers, entertainers, etc.)
  2. Describe aspects of French culture (i.e. celebrations, feast days, food etc.)
  3. Appreciate similarities and differences between French and student's own culture.

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