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Rockwood School Patrols

December 30, 2022

Number of Patrols

At Rockwood School we maintain a squad of approximately 30 patrols.  These students are drawn from the Grades 4, 5, and 6 classes.  We try to accommodate the older children first.      


Selection of Captains

Patrol members and retiring captains help by nominating new captains for the coming term/year.  Final appointment is the responsibility of the adult patrol supervisors, the student’s classroom teachers and the school principal.   The captains are responsible for inside organization of the squad prior to going out on duty. They also monitor the efficiency of their squad while on duty.  Patrol captains should be responsible students, been a patrol for an extended period, having done an exceptional job and have some leadership skills.


Selection of New Patrols

The selection of new patrols for our big yearly change takes place in March or when needed, due to unforeseen circumstances. In some years we have been in the very fortunate position of having more suitable applicants than required.  If there are more applicants than positions, selection will be carried out by drawing names.  Names of applicants not selected in the draw will be retained to be re-drawn as replacements when students leave during the current year.  These students are also given first consideration the following year.


Training of New Patrols

In March and April new patrols are trained.  This training is done by senior patrols and the teacher supervisors.  There is a one-week observation period, followed by one-week of close supervision at the same position. Once training is completed, grade 6 patrols become spares for the remainder of the year. In September, there is a further training session, presented by the supervising Constable of the Winnipeg Police Force. 


Duty Times





 08:40 – 8:55 

 On Duty 





 15:30 - 15:40 

 On Duty 


Patrols are organized into 2 lines; the morning squad and the afternoon squad.  When setting up the squads we try to accommodate students who are available only for morning or afternoon duty.


Incentives and Appreciation of Service

Thanks to the kindness of various outside agencies, a variety of opportunities are provided:

  • Discounted tickets to sporting events      
  • Occasional Saturday movies      
  • Certificates for grade 6 patrols      
  • Occasional Patrol fun days at school with gym activities and/or movie


Captain’s responsibilities

  • setting, maintaining, and executing the daily schedule. This is done with the assistance of the Teacher/Supervisor.
  • monitoring the patrols at the crosswalk to ensure proper procedures are used.   
  • monitoring equipment for damage or loss.     
  • maintaining records, recording patrol attendance and performance.
  • reporting any problems to the Patrol Teacher Supervisor.


Patrol’s responsibilities

  • ensuring safe crossing for fellow students 
  • teaching safe crossing procedures to fellow students
  • recording information to identify vehicles compromising safety
  • following the instructions of the captains
  • following the guidelines for proper behaviour at the crossing sites. Including; no unnecessary talking, proper use of flag, being on time, courteous behaviour at all times.


Patrols and the Weather

Patrols go on duty regardless of the weather (temperature and precipitation). The exception is when the wind chill is below -40 degrees Celsius.  They are expected to dress appropriately to ensure they are able to focus on their duties.  Bad weather is one of the most important times for patrols to be supervising the safe crossing of the students of Rockwood School.  


Relieving a Patrol of Duties

A patrol may be relieved of duty. If on several occasions they have been found not to be carrying out their duties satisfactorily (e.g. late or absent for duty, unnecessary talking) even after reminders by a captain and adult supervisor the patrol will be given a written warning.  If problems happen again the patrol will be replaced.

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