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Tec Voc students attend One Dish with One Spoon camp

July 29, 2022 News Story
WSD students attending One Dish with One Spoon camp

23 WSD students attended on-the-land day camp sessions from July 6 to 20, with Grandfather Vern Dano who supported Tec Voc students' Indigenous education this past year, and will continue to work with Tec Voc again this coming year, while introducing students to even more Indigenous ceremony and tradition. 

The eleven-day camp, called Bezhig Onaagan Gaye Bezhig Emikwaan (in Ojibwe) AKA One Dish with One Spoon, included smudging, passing of a grandfather rock for a daily check in question, pipe ceremonies and teachings, as well as a variety of hands-on learning activities such as collecting willow and making a talking stick or dream catchers, beading, journalling through words and pictures, playing and making foxtails, sharing around a group medicine wheel made of stones, and collecting a variety of Indigenous medicine plants. Field trip locations included the Bannock Point Petroforms, Pine Point Rapids trail, and Grand Beach. 

The camp provided opportunities for students to learn, experience, reflect, eat, work, and have fun together.

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