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Fair Trade at Tec-Voc

April 7, 2021
Fair Trade School

Tec-Voc High School Designated as Fair Trade School - November 28th, 2018

November 28, 2018 (Winnipeg, MB) – Winnipeg School Division’s (WSD) Tec-Voc High School today celebrated its official designation as a Fair Trade School. The designation is made by Fair Trade Canada in recognition of the school’s commitment to purchases and actions supporting workers and producers in the Global South.

“We’re very proud of this recognition and encourage all schools to join us in becoming Fair Trade designated,” says Sarah Dela Cruz, student member of the Tec-Voc Fair Trade Committee.

In honour of the recognition, Tec Voc served up samples of local Fair Trade food and drinks for invited guests and the school cafeteria put on a Farm and Fair Trade lunch special.

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“Tec-Voc High School will continue to commit to its Fair Trade initiative each year through the formation of a Fair Trade Committee which consists of administration, staff and students,” says Kathleen Mira, Business Education Teacher at Tec-Voc High School. “The committee ensures that Fair Trade products are offered in our school, both at the school store and the school cafeteria.” Mira says the committee is also raising awareness through events and teaching about Fair Trade in the classroom.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome the 1300 students and staff of Tec-Voc High School in Winnipeg to the family of schools that has been Fair Trade designated. As the 22nd school to be designated, and with a committed steering committee and in-class learning on fair trade issues, Tec-Voc shows great dedication to the producers in the Global South who benefit from the movement. This means they can improve their farming practices, their working conditions and their communities. Go Hornets!” Julie Francoeur, Executive Director, Fairtrade Canada

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Fair trade is an initiative that promotes livable wages, decent working conditions and fair prices for farmers and workers in various industries around the world. From cocoa and coffee, to sugar and cotton, many of the farmers of these products are marginalized from these multi-billion dollar industries. The concept of fair trade is to support these small-scale farmers in developing countries; they can form cooperatives and vastly improve their working conditions and quality of life for their families.

“We are very excited to welcome Tec-Voc into the Fair Trade Schools community. Thanks to the hard work of students, teachers and staff at Tec-Voc, more farmers and producers will now benefit from a fair price for their products. Congratulations to all of you!” Sean McHugh, Executive Director of the Canadian Fair Trade Network.

Tec-Voc’s school motto is “Think Green! Act Gold! Be a Hornet!”. This motto emphasizes the importance of environmental considerations and of being a good and supportive global citizen. In keeping with this mantra, Tec-Voc recognizes that supporting Fair Trade brings us together as a global community. Even with small everyday purchases, as a collective, we can be a catalyst for change.

WSD was established in 1871 and currently has 78 schools, 33,000 students and 6,000 employees. Its purpose is to provide a learning environment that fosters the growth of each student’s potential and provide equitable opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and values necessary for meaningful participation in a global and diverse society. 


Tec-Voc in Fair Trade Magazine:

Tec-Voc High School Fair Trade Awareness Day - January 10th, 2017

Whether it's chocolate, coffee, rice or other products, North Americans enjoy the bounty of small-scale farmers every day.

But these farmers are often marginalized from these multi-billion dollar industries. The concept of fair trade is to support these small-scale farmers in developing countries; they can form cooperatives and vastly improve their working conditions and quality of life for their families.

Tec Voc High School held a Fair Trade Awareness Day on Jan. 10, part of an ongoing effort to become a fair trade certified school.

bdc4145f-bf91-43f0-9172-df7f3ba6235c_Tec Voc Fair 001.jpg

Students learned about the concept of fair trade with their home room classmates, as well as being exposed to foods and recipes made with fair trade products.

"We feel it's very beneficial to support farmers in developing countries. These producers are offered a fair and livable wage to support their families," said Kathleen Mira, an Applied Technology and Commerce Teacher at Tec Voc. "This also helps students to realize that the small every day purchases they make can help change the world."

Fair trade practices can impact the producers of many high-volume consumer foods and other goods, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, coconut, bananas, cotton, rice, leather (clothing and sporting goods) and many other products.

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Tec Voc will continue to offer fair trade products at Stingers Store and the Vespa Coffee and Juice Bar. The school also has a committee of students and staff that will continue to help bring awareness to fair trade issues.


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