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Tec-Voc High School Wins 16 Medals at Skills Manitoba

April 24, 2023
Skills Canada Competition

Tec-Voc High School would like to congratulate all our students who participated in the Skills Manitoba Competition. A special shout out to the following students:

Alesha Oleschak, Photography Post Secondary, Gold
Matthew Kitcher, Precision Machining Secondary, Gold
Jian Demanoy, Precision Machining Post Secondary, Gold
Grace Guan, Graphics Secondary, Gold
Meitar Kaplun, Graphics Post Secondary, Gold
Jomar Manzano , Video Production Secondary, Gold
Dhani Goolcharan, Video Production Secondary, Gold
Angeline Baraceros, Architectural Technology and Design, Gold
David Baileys, 3D Game Art Post Secondary, Gold
Sander Yu, Mechancial Drafting, Silver 
Alliah Moog, Cooking Secondary, Silver
Danny Truong, Photography Post Secondary, Silver
Tyler Payjack, Photography Secondary, Silver
Raphael Licup, 3D Character Computer Animation, Silver
Amalthea Demavivas, 3D Character Computer Animation, Silver
Keijiro Tsuchi, Graphics Post Secondary, Silver
Zaniel Castro, Baking Secondary, Bronze
Lou Ferguson, Public Speaking, Bronze


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