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Grade 3/4: Ms. De Gagne

November 22, 2022



FATIMA DE GAGNE            GRADES  3/4                                            ROOM 206 


  • Programs are integrated and adapted to meet the needs and grade level of students during the academic year. 

  •  Students continue to set achievable goals. In setting goals, students look at what they can do and the areas where they can improve to become more successful in their learning.  

  • Students are encouraged to achieve excellence and be proud of their accomplishments.  

  • The Manitoba Curriculum is used in planning concepts/activities in all subjects  


  • Consistent punctuality and attendance and a positive attitude towards learning are important for success and help students to have more instruction/learning time. 

  • Enough sleep helps a student to focus better in school and accomplish more. 

  • Neatness, proper presentation and organization of work are always stressed in all subjects.  

  • Students leave toys, phones, games, junk food and gum at home. 

  • Be respectful to students and adults. 

  • Bring a bottle of water for drinking in class. 


To improve reading and comprehension fluency in all subject areas: 

  • Students are encouraged to practice their reading skills at school and at home every day. Use appropriate level texts suited to their present reading level. 

  • Students are in different reading programs to match their instructional level. 

  • Students uscomputer programs that are assigned to them to practice their listening, writing, reading, comprehension and Math skills 

  • Some reading and comprehension strategies such as visualization, back-up and re-read and retelling are taught and are used to improve comprehension. 

  • Daily writing activities to improve writing skills. 


To improve Mathematics skills: 

  • Practice using mental math strategies to solve math problems. 

  • Improve understanding in number sense, measurement, patterns and relations, shape and space and statistics and probability through word problems and activities. 

  • Activities in real life problems to practice Math skills. 


Topics we will explore: 

  1. Growth and Changes in Plants 

  1. Habitats and Communities 

  1. Sound 


Topics we will explore: 

  1. Geography of Canada 

  1. Living in Canada 

  1. Indigenous Contributions to Canada 


Topics we will explore: 

  1. Short-term and long- term goal setting 

  1. Personal and Social development ( appropriate social behaviours like kindness and respect towards others) 

  1. Develop positive relationships  

  1. Personal health and nutrition practices to develop active and healthy lifestyles 

Assessment Tools: 

  • Teacher Observations 

  • Conference with students 

  • Learning Pathway in Math 

  • Fountas and Pinnell for reading and comprehension 

  • Teacher-made assessments 

  • Student’s performance toward tasks and learning 


By the end of Grade 3/4 students will improve their skills in reading, writing and Math for the next grade. 



If you have any questions about your child’s program please feel free to talk to me. 

Contact Information : 


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