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About Us

August 23, 2021


William Whyte Community School is located in the inner-city of the North end of Winnipeg.  The school has a population of 250 students.  The majority of students are First Nations and Métis.  Approximately 10 percent of students were New Canadians.

The school offers a regular program for students in Nursery to Grade 8 and one low enrolment LAC classroom for students in grade 2-4.  Incorporated into everyday instruction is the utilization of Restorative Practices, physical education, computer technology, after school sports and cultural programming and music education for all students.
William Whyte School is a designated community school with two full-time community workers who assist in bridging the home-school connection.  The school has a full functioning Community Room with activities offered to parents on a daily basis.  Community meetings are held twice a year where members and organizations are invited to share resources, information and receive updates on the school’s progress.
d7a0b45d-2c79-4b9f-a767-0f5bbb81a262_CHC_WSD_William-Whyte---0008dxo_sml.jpgWilliam Whyte Community School

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