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December 13, 2023

Carpathia Computer Lab.jpgCarpathia School Computer Lab
Carpathia School has a computer lab that is fully equipped with computers, a scanner, colour laser printer, laser printer, and projector. The lab is open during school hours with classes rotating through on a predetermined schedule. All Carpathia students participate in Dreambox, a math learning program every day that is also accessible to students at home and during remote learning. Students also have access to EPIC to support literacy learning and the WSD Digital Library (see our Library section for more information). Students using RAZ-kids ,Dreambox, and EPIC are encouraged to use the program at home on the computer or on a tablet.  We also encourage families to get the Seesaw app to see what teachers are posting in their classroom.

Students also have access to WIFI, interactive whiteboards, iPads, laptops, and document cameras to support 21st century learning.

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