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February 4, 2021

David Livingstone Community School is a B.S.S.A.P. and C.S.P.I. school.  The funds we receive from these programs help our school create and develop awesome events and activities that engage our families in meaningful ways with our school.  The following are various events and activities developed between families and staff.


Year 1 - 2004-2005
Development of our Enkepowomen Project - Enkepowomen is an Aboriginal word meaning “many people dreaming together”.  The focus of our project centered around the four main components of the Aboriginal Wellness Circle - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas would be covered.  There were several Parent/Child Learning Celebrations, the Community Support Worker focused on guest speakers relating to health, assemblies and a year-end Health Fair followed by a community dinner.
Year 2 - 2005-2006
This year we continued to build on the work started with the community last year.  We developed Aboriginal materials and resources to be used for learning in school, held Learning Celebrations, hosted several events through the Community Support Worker in our Community Room and held assemblies focusing on Aboriginal teachings.  The whole staff and some parents attended The Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng, Manitoba, and we were lead by Dave Courchene Jr. to learn more about the mental and spiritual components of Aboringal life.    
Year 3 - 2006-2007
Our school continued to focus on two priorities i)  the school as a “learner” ii) building community connections.  We made and continued contact between our school and GinewSchool, Learning Celebrations, several events in the Community Room, developed more resources and held a Winter Carnival.
Year 4 - 2007-2008
We continued our journey of the “school as a learner”.  Staff attended The Windy Hill Conference Centre and participated in a Sweat and Teachings from leaders at the Centre.  We also focused on the Seven Teachings, assemblies, Attendance and Attendance Trains to support learning, Respect Awards, Winter Carnival, staff working with Aboriginal Support teacher, Inuit Story tellers, Norway House Pow Wow dancers, library materials and more sharing circle.
Year 5 - 2008-2009
We have planned to continue our learning together - students, staff and families.  All staff and some parents attended a day at the petroforms in the Whiteshell to receive teachings about the area.  We will continue to develop our resources, invite elders into classrooms and go on field trips to learn more about Aboriginal teachings.
Year 6 & 7 - 2009 -2011
The learning continues with another staff, community and elders visit to the Petroforms in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. In addition we have explored Aboriginal games, artwork and the cultural teachings that underpin these activities. We continue to infuse Aboriginal perspectives into all curricular areas as well as offer extra-curricular cultural activities. We are starting a Pow-Wow club in the spring of 2011 culminating with a Pow-Wow at our annual Gathering of Friends in May.


2005 - 2008
The following is a list of programs or activities that students, families, parents and the school participated in during our three year block:
Ongoing or weekly activities:
  • FAB Night (Film-Appetite-Book) – once a month families gathered at school for a fun evening.  We had supper, watched a movie and each family took home a book based on the movie.
  • Winnipeg Police Services Cadets –students from grades 5-8 met weekly since September to practice drills, volunteer and develop their self-confidence through team building and group activities.
  • Graffiti Art Gallery programs – once a week students were taught visual art, dance and clothing design.  The sessions were run in blocks to target different age groups all year.
  • CHOICES program, Winnipeg School Division and Manitoba Justice- a program aimed at teaching grade 7 students positive life choices.  A leader from the program worked with students once per cycle during the school day.  There was also a weekly evening component for students to participate in fun activities throughout the year.  On occasion the CHOICES program hosted a “Family Night” where students brought their families to participate in activities together. 
  • Beading Project - parents learned how to make beaded moccasins, gloves and make jewellery.  The SRO and CSW lead this activity with parents.  Parents took home their beaded creations when they were done.
  • Community Schools Investigators (CSI) Summer Program- This program offered students daily academic and extra curricular activities for a period of four weeks during the summer.  It was sponsored by the Social Planning Council, Government of Manitoba-Healthy Child, MECY, Royal Bank RBC, CAHRD, Western Diversification (Urban Aboriginal Strategy), Sussex Realty, Urban Green Team, Winnipeg School Division, Point Douglas Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative, Winnipeg Rotary Club and Delta Kappa Gamma
  • SKIM (Seniors and Kids In Motion) Events- swimming (grade 4) and soccer (grades 1-8) - Students had an opportunity to participate in these fun sports.
  • WASAC Summer Camp.
  • YWCA Exercise program - parents from school went twice a week to the YWCA to participate in an exercise program.  Everyone had fun and looked forward to their day at the gym.
  • Urban Adventures World Vision/Camp Arnes/Vineyard Church - provided students with an opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments and enjoy singing songs together.  Students performed at the April assembly for their peers and families.
  • Adult Literacy Centre - program run out of our school’s location in the evening to support adult literacy in the community.
  • Sage House - Safer Corridors Parent Monitor program - parents work in pairs and help patrol the areas around the school to ensure students have a safe corridor to get to school and to go home during the day.
  • Our Family Room is open daily for parents to come in and visit with our CSW.  They are welcome to have a coffee/tea and pick-up a newspaper.  Gift certificates were purchased as prizes for several draws to encourage parents to be in the school and to get involved in the Family Room events as a first step towards parental engagement at school.
One time event
  • Professional Development with Ms. Lisa Siemens - River East School Division partner - teachers and EAs participated in PD three times throughout the year.  This inspired teachers to develop a love of writing in all children.  She shared exciting lessons on a variety of writing topics.  Staff learned a great deal, were motivated to share writing techniques and there was evidence that teachers used the lessons in their classrooms to improve student writing.
  • Norway House Pow Wow Dancers - Celebration.  A wonderful group of dancers performed for us in our school.  At the end everyone participated in a Friendship Dance that filled the gym and everyone went back to classrooms and enjoyed a light lunch together.  An event the whole school and community looks forward to every year.
  • Staff Retreat at Windy Hill Resource Centre.  The staff broke into two groups - one group experienced a sweat and teachings and the second group received teachings about the Circle of Life.  We all shared a meal at the end of the evening.
  • Breakfast with Santa and Christmas celebration.  A time for families, all students and staff to share in the happiness of the season.
  • Families enjoyed lunch at the Bear Clan Gathering Feast at the Friendship Centre hosted by the Winnipeg Police Service.
  • Family Room events – Nutrition Bingo, Kookum Bingo, FAST Works, Clothing Sale.
  • Volunteer Tea - a wonderful afternoon to honour all the volunteers in our community who have supported our school.
  • SKIM (Seniors and Kids In Motion)- supported community members to join in on the exercise program at the YWCA.
  • Winter Carnival - another event that all students participated in with staff from the school and volunteers from the community.  At the end of the afternoon, everyone was invited to enjoy a hot dog and hot chocolate at TurtleIsland.
  • Community Support Worker developed a Parent/Child Lending Library located in the Family Room.
  • Informal visits to the Family Room. 
  • Local community artist worked with our Art teacher and students to further develop everyone’s understanding of images in Aboriginal art and what they represent.  Some students and the Art teacher worked closely with the Aboriginal artist in producing art.​

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