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Elmwood Supply Company

November 16, 2021
Elmwood Supply Company

The Elmwood Supply Company is a student-driven project here at Elmwood High School, meaning that this is operated by Elmwood Giants with the help of Mr. Reis and Mr. Gadsby. The purpose of this project is to appreciate and celebrate Elmwood’s rich history, diversity, and culture.


For many years, this community has had negative stigma attached to it, deaming it unsafe or dangerous. We created this program to help educate residents and visitors more about the beautiful side of Elmwood, and the stories it has to tell from over 100 years of experience.


To help tell this story, the ESC produces limited edition merchandise that helps shine a light on the important history of its landmarks, its people, its future and the changes it continues to go through. Finally, the ESC serves as an outlet to represent the creativity of our own student body.


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Link:  esc%204.jpg

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