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February 4, 2021

Mission Statement
To meet the educational, social and emotional needs of all students while striving to develop their potential by providing quality, wide-ranging programming within a safe and inclusive environment.
School Priorities
1. To continue to improve literacy in all subject areas.
        Expected Outcome: Students will enhance their literacy and mathematical literacy skills incorporated with the development of 21st century skills – Critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, collaboration and communication.
2. To continue to embed Aboriginal perspectives in all subject areas and implement support programs.
        Expected Outcome: Aboriginal perspectives will continue to be incorporated into subject areas and into the life of the school
3. To continue to develop and implement learning and behavioural supports to increase the levels of success achieved by all students.
         Expected Outcome: Ensure that all students will be able to access support for  their learning
4. To impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students need to make good decisions around their own health and the health of their community and the world.
          Expected Outcome: Students will enhance their awareness of social justice and environmental issues and concerns
5. To continue to strengthen the links to post secondary education and work.
          Expected Outcome: Student connections to post secondary education and work will be strengthened.

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