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Youth & the Environment

July 15, 2022

Interested in sustainability projects and programs at Elmwood. Join our Edmodo group, instructions in the PDF below.

Elmwood Sustainability Group Edmodo.pdf

Schools on Tundra

    Schools on Tundra will be hosted at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC), a hive of scientific activity located outside of Churchill, MB Canada. Here, scientists are trying to increase our understanding of the changes that the sub-arctic is experiencing due to global climate change.

    Students and teachers participating in the Schools on Tundra program will have the unique opportunity to conduct authentic field research in the sub-arctic, engage with scientists working out of the CNSC and participate in lectures and workshops. Participants will also experience the diverse geology, biodiversity, cultural history, and wild beauty that the area around Churchill offers.

Research Topics Include:

  • Disturbance ecology and environmental changes affecting permafrost landforms
  • Polar biology and habitat
  • Marine mammals.
  • Freshwater systems in the sub-arctic
  • Aurora Borealis
River Watch Program 

    Students collected water samples from Bunn's Creek, the Seine and Red river and performed on-site chemical tests for dissolved Oxygen levels, Nitrates and Phosphorus. Water quality test results were entered in to a public database.

Churchill Manitoba Envirothon Trip

    Students competed at the Manitoba Provincial Envirothon in Churchill, Manitoba. The competition required students to complete outdoor field tests regarding wildlife, aquatics, forestry, soils and climate change.



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