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Junior High

November 3, 2021


Message from Administration:

Welcome to the Elmwood Middle Years Program.  At Elmwood we take great pride in the programming we offer to our students before, during and after the school day.  Elmwood is guided by the whole child philosophy.  Making sure our students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. We look forward to helping your daughters and sons reach their full potential both inside and out of the classroom.  We thank you for trusting their learning to us. 

Grades 7 and 8 are important years in your child’s educational journey.  They are becoming teenagers and looking for independence and opportunities to express themselves.  At Elmwood we work hard to foster this growing independence through a variety of experiences and opportunities.  We also know that it is vital to have strong connections between school and home to ensure positive growth for all our students. 

Elmwood has a code of conduct that focuses on acting respectfully and taking responsibility.  We employ a Restorative Actions philosophy when dealing with students.  The goal is to build a peaceful school environment where everyone feels safe.  Expectations of accountability are a part of the learning process and this helps students grow as individuals.

We encourage you to contact the school with any concerns or questions that may arise. 

- Middle Years Vice-Principal

Here is some information about what occurs in the Elmwood Middle Years program: 

General Information 
  • Classrooms are open at 8:45 am and at 1:10 pm
  • The school day is divided into 5 classes: 
  • Period 1: 9:00 – 10:04
  • Period 2: 10:04 – 11:08
  • Period 3: 11:13 – 12:17
  • Lunch: 12:17 – 1:17  (Students are expected to choose a location for lunch by 12:30 and remain there until 1:17. Options include – classroom, cafeteria, outside of the school)
  • Period 4: 1:17 – 2:21
  • Period 5: 2:26 – 3:30 


The following courses are compulsory for all students in Grade 7 and 8.

    Language Arts 
    Social Studies  
    Physical Education and Health 
    Industrial Arts/Home Economics   
     -  Graphics 
     -  Clothing 
     -  Foods 
     -  Woods 
     -  Computers 
     -  Metals (Grade 7) 
     -  Electronics (Grade 8)

Flexible Learning Program

Grade 7 and 8:  Elmwood’s Flex program provides a stimulating, activity based educational environment designed for the responsible student.  The Flex program encourages student responsibility and accountability for their learning.  Students are actively involved in their learning.  The Flex program is the secondary level extension of the Elementary Alternative Learning Program.

Band Program

Grade 7 - All grade 7 students will have the opportunity to participate in a band orientation week in September.  This will include a demonstration of all the musical instruments and an introduction to music making and theory.  At the conclusion of this orientation week students will have the opportunity to enroll in the band program.

Grade 8 – Grade 8 students choose to participate in the band program when completing their grade 8 applications.
* The Elmwood band program functions on a pull out basis.  Non band students remain with their classroom teacher for resource and enrichment opportunities*

Performing Arts 

    Drama – Grade 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to participate in the school’s production, talent show and coffee house.
    Dance – Students in grade 7 and 8 have the opportunity to participate in the middle years dance program.  The middle years dance program runs Tuesday and Thursday during the noon hour.

Special Education Programs 

Special Education Centre (S.E.C.) – This program offers modified academic programming for a small group of grade 7 – 8 students.  In this program, emphasis is placed on developing the basic academic skills and social skills needed for independent learning.  

Integrated Special Education Program (I.S.E.P.) – Students in this program work in the regular classroom with adaptations to the content and/or delivery of the curriculum.  Teachers, Educational Assistants and the SERT teacher collaborate to develop effective programming for each student.  The program is reviewed regularly with parents/guardians, teachers and the student to ensure each student is successful in meting their IEP goals (be it academic, social, emotional, or behavior).

Life Skills Program – The Winnipeg School Division’s (WSD) Life Skills Program offers students the skills, functional academics, family life education, work experience, recreational interests and social skills.  Students enrolled in this program must meet specific criteria established by the WSD.

Learning Assistance Centre (L.A.C.) – This is a Winnipeg School Division (WSD) class designed for students who require a low enrollment setting to address social/emotional concerns.  Self management skills are taught along with regular academic programs.  With the support of a Teacher and an Educational Assistant, the students learn the skills necessary for success in the regular classroom.  The goal of this program is to re-integrate the students in regular programs whenever possible.  Students enrolled in the program must meet specific criteria established by the WSD and require an IEP.

Middle Years Low Enrollment Program – This classroom is designed for students who require extra support for their academic programming.  Adaptations to the student programs are made to meet the curricular outcomes in all of the core subjects.  A Teacher and Educational Assistants support the students so they can acquire confidence and the skills needed to succeed. 


Whenever a student is absent from school, parents/guardians are asked to contact the school office by telephone.  In cases of longer absences a note indicating the date, length of the absence and the reason for the absence.  Verified absences are recorded and reported to classroom teachers.

Call back System – When the office has not been notified of an absence a staff member will contact the parent/guardian at home or work to notify them of their child’s absence.  The call back system occurs during the first period of the morning and afternoon.

Late Arrivals – Students arriving late must complete a late slip.  Failure to do so will result in the student being marked absent and a phone call being made to the parent/guardian.

Extra Curricular Activities

    Inter School Sports

     -Cross Country (Sept/Oct) 
     -Indoor Track and Field (November-April) 
     -Flag Football 
     -Wrestling (November –March) 
     -Volleyball (Late September-November) 
     -Basketball (Late November – March) 
     -Soccer (April/May) 
     -Softball (May) 
     -Outdoor Track and Field (May/June)

    -Floor Hockey 

Student Support Services 

    Guidance Counselor 
    Resource Department
    English as an Additional Language
    School Wide Hallway Supervision
    Community Support Worker
    School Social Worker
    School Psychologist
    Reading Clinician
    Speech / Language Clinician
    Student Teachers

Additional Services 

    Noon hour clubs 
    Breakfast Club (7:45 am – 8:30 am in the cafeteria) 
    Lunches are available on an emergency basis in room 241 
    Student Council 
    School Resource Officer 
    Homework Club (through Frontier College) 
    Safe Arrival and Departure Program 
    New Comers After School Leadership Program 
    Parent Council – The Elmwood Parent Council consists of parents of students from grades 7-12.  Monthly meetings are held to discuss issues, concerns, ideas and plans for Elmwood High School.  
All parents are invited to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  How will I know where to go on the first day?
- Class lists will be posted outside of the main office and the guidance office prior to the start of school
2.  Will I have my own locker? 
- Yes. A locker and combination lock will be assigned to each student. 
**Students are reminded to not bring valuables with them to school**
3.  Can I eat lunch at school? 
- Yes. The school cafeteria is open between 12:17 and 1:17 pm.  Students may eat their own lunch in the cafeteria or purchase items to eat.  
When remaining at school students are required to be in a designated supervised area from 12:30-1:10 pm.  The privilege to remain at school can be lost if students are not in a designated supervised area.

4.    Is there a dress code? 
-  Students are expected to dress appropriately with the guidelines that school is a place of business and to help ensure a safe and respectful school environment.
5.  How often are report cards issued and what information is provided? 
- Report cards for Middle Years students are issued three times per year.  Student led conferences will take place in April.  Subjects are reported in percentages on a computerized report card.  A comment is added from each teacher reflecting classroom behavior.  Successes, challenges and next steps are also indicated.

6.  Will I be assigned homework?
- Homework assigned will vary from subject to subject.  Assignments will be started in class and can often be finished by hard work in class.  Students may also have special projects or studying for tests to do at home.
7.  Are phones available to students? 
- YES.  Students can make emergency calls from the main office.  There are two pay phones in the school that students can use.  Students are asked to refrain from using cell phones during class time.
8.  Use of smart phones and other electronic devices. 
-The use of smartphones for non-educational purposes is not permitted during class time.  Smartphones and other electronic devices and their use is solely at the discretion of the teacher.  

The use of unauthorized cameras/video recording devices is prohibited.

Recommended School Supplies 

o   12 blue or black ink pens 
o   2 red ink pens 
o   48 pencils 
o   1 package coloured pencils 
o   1 package of markers 
o   3 erasers 
o   1 30 cm ruler 
o   1 pencil sharpener 
o   1 pencil case 
o   1 scientific calculator 
o   2 large 2” binders 
o   1 geometry set 
o   12 duotangs 
o   4 packages of loose leaf paper 
o   2 packages of dividers 
o   1 package of reinforcements 
o   1 memory stick (for computers) 
o   1 package of highlighters 
o   2 kleenex boxes 
o   1 pair of scissors 
o   2 glue sticks 
o   For Phys. Ed – shorts and/or sweatpants, t-shirt, runners and socks 

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