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Women's Retreat

February 9, 2021

group around banner pic.jpgOn November 28th and 29th, 19 grade 11 and 12 Elmwood High School girls embarked on a journey of self discovery.  This is the second time a few Elmwood female staff planned and executed an all Girls Retreat. The pressure felt by girls as they are finishing high school and trying to figure out where they fit in the world is awesome.  The women planning the Retreat saw a need for the girls to disconnect from technology and negative forces and to connect to each other.  To realize how much they share and how much power there is in sharing their stories.  The focus was on the strength that exists in female relationships and the challenging of popular culture and mass media that create a world where women compete and see each other as a threat.
The two day retreat took place at an off site location and included workshops from SERC, TEEN TALK and Moksha YOGA did a class with a dedication to Sisterhood.   The evening cumulated in a circle led by the guidance counselor.  The girls shared their stories, their fears and their hopes.  Hours passed and there were many tears, but much more comfort and support.  Complete with delicious food, facials, jewelry making, giving gold and gift bags it turned out to be a memorable event for all involved.
In the morning, the girls all took part in the painting of a banner which they proudly hung in the hall at Elmwood High School s on Tuesday, December 3rd.  Wearing their Unleash Your Inner Goddess t-shirts, the Many Strong and Beautiful Women launched the White Ribbon Campaign to mark the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.

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