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Band (7,8,9) & Grade 9 Jazz

January 16, 2022

 The Grade 7-8-9 Band & Grade 9 Jazz Band  meets 3-4 times per cycle

Course Overview Students will focus on one main instrument and learn increasingly more difficult notes and rhythms as the year(s) progress. Many different styles of music will be represented through different repertoire picked for each band. The Grade 7 band will work out of the book Standard of Excellence while Grades 8-9 will be focused on longer songs from a list of repertoire. Music theory, history and ensembleship will also be a focus throughout the year. There are multiple playing opportunities including festivals, school division workshops and school evening performances that will be scheduled during various times of the year.

 Learning outcomes 

• Students will learn to read and play more difficult rhythms and notes as the year progresses  

• Students will be able to recognize and understand music theory concepts such as form, dynamics, articulations, a sense of balance between sections and historical awareness of genres 

 • Students will study tonality and work on their embouchure, breathe support and control.  

• Other areas of study that will be a focus are pitch, form, design, and scale and chord structure.


• Playing tests one on one 10% 

• Small group, sectionals, large ensemble 10% 

 • Recorded excerpts of repertoire 10%  

• Instant assessments/ feedback on wrong notes, fingerings, rhythms etc. 70%


It is expected that each student practices at home or at school and to have their music prepared for each rehearsal. Practice records will be given out each month and signed by a parent/guardian. If students cannot practice at home the band room will be made available during lunch hours/before school/ after school.

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