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Dreambox Information

October 7, 2021

Our school does not have an account with Dreambox at this time (with the exception of selected rooms) and we do not anticipate opening accounts this school year.  That being said, teachers fully support having students use the program at home as it offers a rich math-learning experience in a fun, engaging way.  

It is important to note that parents should not help with the activities too much because the program adapts to what the child is able to do independently -- if you help too much your child will end up having to do work that is too hard and will get frustrated.  It is best to let them struggle a bit and to let them make a guess if they can't figure it out...that way the program will see if the work is too hard and will bump them down to something more manageable.  You can point out to your child that there is a question mark at the top right of the screen that can be pressed for further instructions if needed.

It is a wonderful program that I hope your child enjoys!  

Here is a how to sign-up tutorial:

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