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School Expectations

March 22, 2023

The staff at Lord Roberts Community School believes the following:

  • Everyone must be treated with dignity and respect. 
  • Students should be taught the skills and behaviours necessary for success. 
  • Motivation and responsibility should be encouraged through positive interactions and rapport with students.
  • Student misbehaviour represents a teaching opportunity.

The children are taught to be responsible, respectful, and cooperative as a result of the following measures:

  • Training students to comply with the four expectations.
  • Teaching students the skills and attitudes for being responsible, respectful and cooperative.
  • Preparing children to handle choices and to make good decisions.

At Lord Roberts, teachers spend the first few weeks training students on the four school expectations:

  • Be safe
  • Be learners
  • Be respectful
  • Listen to adults the very first time

Students are taught what these look, sound and feel like:

  • They are taught the appropriate behaviour in each setting in the school (e.g. classroom, office)
  • Students are recognized when they meet the expectations. When students do not meet the expectations, an “Incident Form” is completed and documented in a database. Consequences include problem-solving and discussion, think sheet, community service, restitution, extension of the school day, recess/lunch restrictions, and parental contact.

We use restitution to create conditions for students to make amends. At Lord Roberts Community School restitution includes:

  • Missing recess and, instead, helping in the classroom, office, etc.
  • Staying after school to perform a helpful act.
  • Calling parents to explain behaviour and performing a “caring act” as a consequence at home.
  • Under adult supervision and willingness of the victim, doing something nice for the student who was bullied.
  • Peer tutoring

The Effective Behaviour Support system at Lord Roberts Community School is dynamic. In other words, it is ever evolving to suit the needs of our students and our school.

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