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Breakfast Program & Snack Program

May 23, 2024

Lord Roberts School provides students with a daily wholesome breakfast and weekly snack program to ensure that every student has access to nutritious food.             

Breakfast program is open daily at 8:30 am.

Our dedicated and talented Food Coordinator strives to offer a wide range of food options in our breakfast program. This can include fresh fruit or vegetables, breads/homemade muffins, cereals, yogurt, cheese and hot breakfasts such as eggs, bacon or pancakes. We place a strong emphasis on promoting healthy eating habits and recognize the vital role a nutritious breakfast plays in starting the day off right.

Snack is served at least twice a week to the whole school, in their classrooms.  Snack varies each week with an emphasis on whole grain foods and fresh fruit and veggies.

These programs are available to all students at Lord Roberts School and it comes at no cost to students or their families. We are able to fund this program through a combination of government grants and the WSD.

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