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July 25, 2022

Celebrating Learning, Achieving Success

Opened in 1911, Lord Roberts School is rich in history. It was named after British Field Marshall, Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts. Over the years Lord Roberts has built up a wide and distinguished reputation for academic excellence and for its outstanding achievements in music and athletics. To give just a few examples of these we might recall the Lord Roberts Orchestra, conducted by Mr. P. G. Padwick. This was Winnipeg’s first school orchestra and it was well known in its day. Some will recall the maypole dances directed by Miss Tagg and staged outdoors, or the operettas which she produced on several occasions. A Lord Roberts class, under the direction of Miss Fern Grant, was the first winner of the Daniel McIntyre trophy at the Manitoba Musical Festival. The school became known for its splendid soccer teams.

In 1944 a kindergarten was introduced for the first time and in 1970 nursery classes were added. The new school, built in 1969, was a one story structure built in the same general location of the old school on Daly, between Rathgar and Beresford.

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