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Music and Music Therapy

September 27, 2022


Our music program offers a wide variety of experiences for students, grades one through six. All students participate in singing, Orff instruments (xylophones), hand held percussion instruments, African drums (Djembes), movement, dance, drama and yoga. Intermediate students, grades four through six are additionally offered baritone ukulele (mini guitar), recorder and violin (fiddle).

 Rhythm reading, writing and performing are the focus for the early grades coupled with singing games which encourage pitch matching in an atmosphere of relaxed fun! Composer study provides an opportunity for students to look into the past while they foster a sense of music appreciation.

 Intermediate students will be offered basic music theory concepts in conjunction with the above mentioned instruments to better prepare them for band, guitar and musical theatre programs offered in the middle years programs.

 The year is punctuated by various performances, such as the Primary Winter Concert, Assemblies, Intermediate Spring Concert/Musical and other special events. Students at Lord Roberts School are very fortunate to be able to discover and experience such an extensive range of musical instruments and resources!

Music Therapy

Music therapy can be an integral component in assisting students with special needs to attain educational goals identified by his/her IEP team. Through collaboration with parents, school teachers, & other professionals, skills achieved through Music Therapy can be generalized to a student’s everyday life.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the prescribed, structured use of music, and/or music interventions provided by a trained professional music therapist to restore, maintain, and/or improve an individual’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive and psychological well-being. (Canadian Association for Music Therapy)

Students benefit by:
  • Initiating interaction through music or musical instruments
  • Attempting and completing tasks that are set to music
  • Being able to retain information through song
  • Improving behaviour and social skills
  • Using additional communication modalities


The Special Education Music Therapy Program provides weekly group programming for students in identified Special Education Programs in Winnipeg School Division. Instrumental, singing, improvising, song-writing, and movement to music applications are created by a professional music therapist.

Music Applications

Music is always met with enthusiasm! It is a highly motivating tool to engage students and promote their development.

For example, students will:
  • Learn academic concepts
  • Interact with peers, using appropriate social skills
  • Practice language skills & augmentative communication
  • Learn to tolerate or enjoy environmental stimuli
  • Practice listening, responding & choice-making
  • Improve fine & gross motor skills
  • Develop high self-esteem & increased confidence
  • Learn self-calming & relaxation skills
  • Participate in creative self expression


Instrument adaptations are available to students with special physical needs. Students require no previous experience or musical training in order to participate.

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