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Positive Behaviour (Interventions and Supports)

April 8, 2021
PBIS April Refresher

PBIS stands for Positive Behaviour Intervention Supports. It is a proactive approach to encouraging positive behaviours in the school setting. Expectations that represent respectful, safe, and accountable behaviours were created for all common areas in the school. 

Students, staff, parents who work in the school and volunteers, received training around the established expectations for each common area. The expectations are also printed and posted throughout the school for easy teacher and student accessibility. Students and staff are required and encouraged to teach and remind others of the positive behaviours we would like to see in our school.

Here is an example of the signage found throughout the school in all common areas:


For more information about PBIS, please contact the school and speak to a PBIS staff committee member or the school administration. Furthermore, if you would like to see the list of expectations provided in the matrix, please click this link.

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