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Student Services @ RHS

July 19, 2022

1. Resource Program
When students are experiencing difficulty in the classroom, our resource team works with  the classroom teachers to  individualize a plan to allow students to overcome academic, social or behavioural difficulties. Together, the Resource team and the classroom teacher will discuss some of the methods and strategies from which the student would benefit. Intervention may be in the form of one-to-one, small group, direct instruction or indirect support within the classroom. Parents are always an important source of information to help with an appropriate intervention.


2. Clinical Support Services

The CSS is an educational support service agency which provides specialized help for school children in collaboration with school personnel teams. Our multidisciplinary team consists of:

Psychologist - Ms. Erika Mainagra

Social Worker - Ms. Shelley Gallagher

Reading Clinician - M Philippe Morin-Fournier

Speech and Language Pathologist - Mrs. Bev Geddes

The CSS works directly with our team in consultation with students and staff. At all times, parents are involved in the process.

3. Special Education

Our school offers an Integrated Special Education program which provides assistance to students with a variety of special needs. Classrooms receive supports from the Special Education Resource Team (S.E.R.Team) and/or support from educational assistants within the classroom. Regular meetings are scheduled to discuss needs, develop individualized programs and monitor student progress.

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