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April 18, 2023

RHS Patrols

At Robert H. Smith School, we believe in fostering volunteerism and leadership in our students.  Our patrol program aims to provide students opportunities to be volunteers and leaders to serve the community.  The patrols are role models who devote their time and effort to ensure the safety of all pedestrians when crossing the streets near the school ground.

As patrols, we expect ourselves to be safe, responsible and accountable.

To be safe, we expect ourselves to

  • have all necessary equipment (vest, flag, mask)
  • pay close attention to traffic
  • cooperate and collaborate with adults and other patrols
  • cross the pedestrians safely

To be responsible, we expect ourselves to

  • take care of all necessary equipment
  • role-model appropriate behaviours
  • show up on time (8:30 am)

To be accountable, we expect ourselves to

  • try our best
  • reflect and improve our actions

During extreme weather (-35 or colder) we require adult assistance at a reduced number of posts.

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