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Leadership at RHS

February 5, 2021

​​At RHS, we believe in helping students develop in all ways.  We want to encourage them to be future leaders, and, therefore, all students have the opportunity to be on a leadership team.  Towards the end of grade four, students have the opportunity to try the different teams in order to help them choose.  These leadership opportunities help students develop important skills, improve their self-esteem, meet students in other classes and show leadership at Robert H. Smith.


Communication Crew  -  Grade 6 students work in pairs to make the school announcements over the PA system.  Students on this team learn how to speak publicly and take responsibility for organizing the announcements every day.

Patrols  -  Our patrols help to keep the students safe to and from school. They greet students and families as they pass through their "posts" or at the Stop, Drop and Go Zone. The students develop a real sense of pride and responsibility as they help their fellow students. website23.jpg

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