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French Immersion Program

July 19, 2022

French Immersion

Grades K-6

The goal of the French Immersion Program in Manitoba is "to ensure that students become proud, engaged, plurilingual global citizens." According to the recent Renewed VisionThe French Immersion Program enables students to interact spontaneously, autonomously, and confidently in French with pride and ease. They seek opportunities to engage in the Francophone community. Their identity as Canadian citizens, competent in both French and English, creates lifelong opportunities and fosters openness to other languages and cultures. 

The French Immersion Program is first and foremost a language program that prepares students to be proficient in two languages while also developing their cultural awareness and intercultural competencies. The school program is delivered through French Language instruction and as a result, all Immersion teachers have the dual task of teaching the subjects assigned in the target language and ensuring ongoing learning and sustained use of the target language. The immersion setting created must value and encourage students' experience by focusing on their pathway to becoming plurilingual citizens.

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