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Parent Council

October 9, 2023


2023/24 Executive Officer Team:

· Saul Hillel Benjamin, Chair

· Tara O'Connor, Vice-Chair

· Liz Vieira, Treasurer

· Mark Hanson, Secretary

Additionally, we are delighted to have the team-building skills of several others from our RHS

Parent Council community who will represent RHS on key Winnipeg School Division teambuilding


· Mercedes Garcia, French Immersion

· Danielle Matthisen, Inclusion

· Saul Benjamin, South District Advisory

Please put on your 2023-2024 calendars the schedule of this year's Parent Council 6 to 8 pm

meetings. Our hope is to see as many of you as possible. Every voice counts!

* October 10th

* November 7th

* December 5th

* January 16th

* February 6th

* March 5th

* April 9th

* May 7th

* June 4th

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