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Nursery - Kindergarten

June 3, 2021

Welcome to Kindergarten

Each year École Robert H. Smith welcomes new students for their first year of school. Making early learning a priority at home can help children make a positive start to school.

In order to help parents/guardians and their children prepare, we participate in a division-wide initiative called Welcome to Kindergarten, with materials from the Learning Partnership. Each spring, our teachers host incoming students at a welcome event, offering parents/guardians a bag filled with learning activities that represent important areas of learning and growth. The contents of the bag are listed on the left in the table below, along with a short video explaining why that activity is beneficial.

Virtual Welcome to Nursery-Kindergarten 2021

Welcome - A message from
 Andrea Powell, RHS Principal

WTK Principal Powell Thumbnail.png
A tour of the nursery-kindergarten
classroom - Mrs. Daniels
Nursery Classroom.png
A peek inside French Immersion
kindergarten with Mrs. Copetti
Fr Imm Kinder.png
A typical day's program
in RHS nursery - Mrs. Daniels
Nursery Program.png
Preparing for the transition
to school - Mr. Nickerson

Getting Ready for School.png

Learning Through Play

Read a variety of books together.


Have fun and learn with modelling clay.

15 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Play-Doh - Everything You Need to Know About Play-Doh

Learn with letters and numbers.


Practice gross motor skills.


Practice fine motor skills - drawing, coloring, and cutting.


Learn to read the world all around you.


 Sing and dance to fun music.

Welcome to Kindergarten -  Music and Lyrics by Bob Schneider

Welcome to Kindergarten (song)

Listen to the Water (song)

 Use the songs' lyrics and activities to make sure your kids can sing along.

Prepare, measure, and cook healthy food together. 


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