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Science Fair

March 31, 2021

RHS students are not required to complete science fair projects as a classroom expectation. We have found that coerced projects rarely lead to meaningful learning. However, the teachers and administrators École Robert H. Smith School support grades 4 to 6 students to participate in the division-wide competitive Science Fair. RHS students who participate in the Manitoba Science prepare at home and access support at the school-level as needed. Students express an interest to their teacher and the school ensures each student is provided with a backboard.

DateWhat  should I  be working  on? Where should I  be by now?!


I will know  my topic  by Mid-January

School Session: Learning About Science Fair & Selecting Topic!

  • Considering different topics
  • Thinking about what interests me
  • Exploring ideas (looking online, looking at books, having conversations with family and friends)

End of January

I will gather and draft all information by mid-February

School Session: Research Skills 

  • Learning about the Scientific Method 
  • Developing research skills
  • Finding appropriate websites and resources
  • Trying things out: testing ideas
  • Considering what I might take pictures of (using for backboard/presentation)


My  backboard  will be drafted by the middle of February.

School Session: Creating a Display

  • What do successful backboards include? How do I want my backboard to look? How will I catch people's attention?
  • What images, pictures, diagrams will I use?
  • How will I be editing my work to ensure my backboard is free of mistakes?
End of February

I will be able to present my project by the end of February

School Session: Presenting a Project

  • How do I go about presenting my material? What are the key areas that I should include? Looking at my rubric, am I on track?
  • How confident am I with my subject and material? What might the judges ask me?
  • Practicing the presentation with family and friends…
Early March

School  Science  Fair!

  • Having backboard and all materials at school to set up first thing in the morning
  • Judging taking place during the morning
Winnipeg Schools' Science Fair (for selected RHS participants only)
  • Annual Schools Science Fair
  • University of Manitoba, 727 McDermot Avenue,
  • Projects to be registered by earlyh March


The SMARTS Guide to Science Fairs

Scientific Method Graphic Organizer
Scientific Method Graphic Organizer.JPG

Elementary Science Fair Guide
Elementary Science Fair Guide.JPG

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