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WSD students join 10th Annual Rotary Elementary School Peace Walk

September 18, 2023 School Activity
Students attend Peace Days

On September 15, students from schools across Winnipeg School Division took part in the 10th Annual Rotary Elementary School Peace Walk at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

For Norquay School teacher, Nitasha Sharma-Patti, it was important to bring students to the event to set the tone for the entire school year.

"We welcome the opportunity to celebrate peace with our students and feel the momentum of this experience will promote peaceful positivity throughout our school community for the rest of the year," said Sharma-Patti.


Hundreds of students from WSD attended, with many bravely going up to the microphone to share a few words about what peace means to them.


"Peace is doing our best to follow the 7 teachings,” said Draden a Grade 5 student at Norquay School.

David Livingstone School students spoke about the sacred teaching of Love and the Eagle. 

“Today, our world needs honesty, respect, and most of all love! Today, you can use the call of the Eagle to call for love and for peace.”


Students from the Faraday School Voice Group were also among the WSD participants, led by guidance counsellor Joanna Grimolfson and performing arts teacher Katryn Hurst.

“With all that is going on in the world, it is so nice to have the opportunity to come together to share ideas of peace,” said Hurst. 

The students from Faraday School sang the son Liberty and Justice for All, a call and response number to all those in attendance.  

The Province of Manitoba has proclaimed September 15 to 21 as Peace Days, with September 15 the International Day of Democracy. The Peace Walk itself is an annual event that brings students together to take collective action for peace.


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