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About Sister MacNamara School

March 5, 2024


Sister MacNamara School is an elementary school of 330 students from Nursery to Grade 6. It is one of many schools belonging to the Inner City District of The Winnipeg School Division. The school embraces a community with a large multi-ethnic population thus, staff and programs have been developed to reflect this characteristic. In addition to high academic achievement, emphasis is also placed on a variety of multicultural themes/units and activities.

Principal: D. Lenhardt Mair

Vice-Principal: S. Medaglia Dos Santos

Enrollment: 330 students

Staff: 19 Teachers,16 Educational Assistants, 1.5 secretaries, 4 custodians, 1 crossing guards

Address: 460 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 1V5

Telephone: 204-942-6965

Fax: 204-989-2224

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