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WSD preparing school buildings for heatwaves

May 7, 2024 News Story
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Winnipeg School Division has 79 schools, with some of the oldest school buildings in the Manitoba.

The average age of WSD school buildings is 70 years old, with 16 buildings that are over 100 years old.

The cost to install and make all our facilities fully air conditioned is approximately $130 Million


32 fully air conditioned school buildings 

20 facilities with no air conditioning

27 facilities partially air conditioned 
(i.e. air conditioning in new school additions or gymnasiums)


WSD includes air condition requests in our yearly 5-Year Capital Plan submissions to the Province


WSD will continue to explore options to keep our students cool while in school, including:

  • Running the ventilation systems early in the morning to cool school building
  • Controlling outside air intake during the school day
  • Schools with access to A/C in areas will be cycled through the space to cool down
  • Reviewing health symptoms related to heat
  • Minimizing using overhead lights
  • Closing shades to block intense sunlight
  • Taking cool-down breaks between lessons
  • Avoiding excess movement during the hottest part of the day
  • Switching off unused electronics that produce heat even in standby mode
  • Encouraging students and staff to stay hydrated


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