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ÉSKS is a Scent Free Zone

March 3, 2022

Did you know that by wearing a scented  product that you could take their breath away?  

Some students and staff may have an allergic reaction when exposed to the chemicals in perfume or scented products.  They may:     

  1. Start to cough and can’t stop
  2. Get blinding headaches
  3. Have trouble breathing    
  4. Have pain in their chest
  5. Have trouble concentrating
  6. Feel as though air is trapped in their lungs 
  7. Suffer from extreme fatigue

It’s not just perfume that harms people who are allergic to scents.  Any type of product that has had perfume or scent added to it, can provoke an attack in Allergic people.  This includes: 


Hair products


Hand and body lotions

Strong-smelling soaps    

Please support the students and staff at École Stanley Knowles School who have allergies!  When in our school, please:
Use “fragrance-free” products
 wear perfume, cologne or aftershave.
 use hand or body creams that are scented.

Most people are unaware of the health effects of chemicals in perfumes.
Please support the students and staff at École Stanley Knowles School by NOT wearing any scented products when in our school!  

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