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Elementary Music Program

July 19, 2022

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Program Highlights
The Elementary Music Program at Stanley Knowles begins in grade 1. Students are exposed to and learn a variety of musical skills from rhythm, to melody, to dynamics, to history and much more.  Reading and writing basic music already begins in grade 1, as well as playing some instruments like hand drums, triangles (small percussion) and barred instruments such as xylophones.   

Once in 3rd grade students begin recorder tuition and then later 
transfer those skills to band in grade 6.  All students receive 90 minutes of music lessons per 6 day cycle as well a 1 choir session a cycle on top of that.  

Throughout the year students participate in many performance opportunities at the school ranging from Christmas concerts, to musicals, to choral concerts and spring performances.  Some of these alternate year to year, though students usually have two opportunities to perform at the school.  Students also participate annually in the Winnipeg Music Festival, every March in full choral ensembles. 

As students get older more music options are available such as Recorder Club (using 5 sizes of recorders), Taiko club (Japanese drumming), Tinikling Club (Filipino Dance) and some years Partner Dance Ensemble.  These clubs are for grade 4-6 students.  The Winnipeg School Division also offers extra music opportunities such as special event days in Orff and Honour Choir. 

We are very proud of what we can offer at Stanley Knowles and what are students are capable of!

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