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Student Testimonials

October 27, 2022

1623437213689.pngThe Adolescent Parent Centre is a special place for young parents and parents-to-be. We are located on Treaty One Land and the Homeland of the Metis People, and are grateful to be situated in the Weston area of Winnipeg. We are a high school that offers individualized instruction in a caring, supportive environment. Childcare is provided while students attend classes in their pursuit of a high school diploma. Young parents have the opportunity to earn credits and take part in many of the parenting programs that enable our students to develop their resilience and grow into self-supporting adults. Here’s what our students have to say: 

At APC most students gain strong relationships with staff. They make an impact on your life that you’ll remember forever. When you’re at APC, it’s really easy to fit in and make friends because our stories are relatable. We’re all young moms trying to graduate so we can make a good like for ourselves and our children. The childcare here makes me feel very comfortable. Having my kids close by makes me have peace of mind.

~~Cassandra S.R.

I love the staff. They’re nice and caring and fun to talk to!
I love the food. LOL
I love seeing the babies around. Makes me happy to see the all the kids.
I love how they came up with this school for young moms. That’s so nice to help them care and finish school while and after pregnancy. That’s awesome! Good team work

~~Deanna S.

Two good things about APC is that you’re able to bring your child to school (like free daycare). Also, it’s sort of like an all girls school.

~~Teya G.

I really recommend APC to young moms or expecting moms because of the amazing staff. Our teachers always want us to succeed and our daycare center workers treat our children as if they were their own. Marla, our social worker, is the most helpful and supportive woman there is and I can count on her to give good advice in any situation. As a breastfeeding mother, I love the fact that everyone at APC supports and encourages breastfeeding. I have never had to worry about my son while I am in class, and I love that he gets to learn from the other babies and gets to make friends that are the same age as he is.

~~Trinity C.

I love APC! I haven’t been in school in 5 years but I am happy to come to APC. This school is supportive, caring, respectful, welcoming, friendly, very helpful, loving and I feel very comfortable when I'm here.

~~Jolene L.

Everyone here is so welcoming and truly care for both me and my babies. The teachers are amazing, they help getting my diploma easier and less stressful. The center helpers are so good with my daughter. She loves her center lady (Sharon) so much!

~~Breena S.

I like APC because of the kind, welcoming staff. I like this school because my baby is fed, happy and has her naps. They are also helping me reach my academic goals

~~Skylar H.

Being able to finish a lot of things and learn new things. There was so much I was bad at because I haven't been to school in so long and I was kind of shocked as to how much you can learn in just a few months

~~ Brook W.

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