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Home Economics

October 26, 2022

Clothing Housing and Design 30G

This objective of this course is to introduce students to commercial patterns and their use in constructing garments for themselves, family and for their homes. Students will also explore what clothing communicates about the wearer and how it becomes a creative and entrepreneurial outlet through the design and production processes. Students will learn, through practical experiences, multimedia presentations and research about the nature of fashion design, the characteristics of fibres and fabrics. They will develop and enhance their machine skills and be able to identify and selecting appropriate clothing for particular functions and occasions.
Clothing Housing and Design 20G
This course introduces students to the use of the sewing machine, embroidery machine and serger and the use of commercial patterns- understanding and following pattern directions. Students are exposed to the creative process as it applies sewing and crafting by producing articles of clothing or other fashion-related products for themselves and their babies. Students will learn about fabric care symbols and their meanings.
Food and nutrition 40G
The objectives of this course include an in-depth study of food choices and food habits.
Students will develop an understanding of planning, preparation and evaluation of balanced healthy meals during pregnancy and lactation. Students are exposed to cultural food patterns of other countries.  In this courses, concepts are learned and consolidated through practical, hands-on applications.  At the same time, students are given the opportunity to develop critical and creative thinking  and research skills.
Food and Nutrition 20G 
This course explores the factors that affect attitudes and decisions about food, examines current
issues of body image and food choices and safe kitchen and food hygiene.  Students will learn how to make informed food choices and how to prepare healthy meals using Canada Food Guide. The course also introduces students to research skills related to food and nutrition.

Home Economics 15G 
This course introduces students to safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care,comprehension of recipes and the importance of efficient work habits. Students will develop an understanding of planning, preparation and evaluation of balanced healthy meals. Students are exposed to effective decision making and problem solving techniques and basic machine skills, including parts and functions of the sewing machine. Students will construct simple projects using the sewing machine.

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