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School Rules

October 26, 2022

Every APC student is expected to follow these rules:

1. Attendance:
  • You must sign in and out each day. Also, you must sign out and back in again if you leave APC for an appointment or lunch date in both the office and your centre.
  • IN: Sign in at the Food Lab when you arrive at school for you and your baby’s lunch. If you are late (after 9:25 a.m.) you must sign in on the sheet in the office.
  • IN: Sign in at your centre when you arrive.
  • OUT: sign out in your centre when you leave.
  • OUT: Sign out at the office except at regular 3:05 dismissal time.
  • HALL PASS: Students must have a hall pass and permission from staff when leaving their centre or class during the class time.
  • Sign up for a centre duty daily. Do not always pick the same class.
2. Centre responsibilities:
  • Have your child settled and diaper changed before classes start at 9:30 and 12:50.
  • Label all personal items (including baby bottles, caps, sippy cups, soothers, blankets, et cetera.)
  • Look after every baby, not just your own, when scheduled into the centre.
  • Interact with children ( reading, playing, singing, talking)
  • Students will assist the E.A. in charge of the centre in creating an attractive, learning environment for the children.
  • At the end of each assigned centre duty, each student must clean-up the centre.
  • Refill your baby’s diaper supply in the centre as necessary.
  • Lunchtime pickup: baby must be picked up immediately after third period class at 11:40 am.
  • Babies may not leave the centre without their mom’s permission.
3. Safety
  • At no time may a student leave the building without her baby.
  • Fire drill: students must pick up their child in the baby centre and leave the building as instructed.
  • Lock down: Students must protect their baby by staying in their current room, turning off and handing in their cell phone, and quietly waiting in the corner away from the door for further instructions. Do not attempt to go to your baby in a different room.
4. Snacks – toddler and walker centres only
  • Each mom is required to bring in a box of unopened “E.A. approved” cookies/crackers /cereal for snacks.
  • Sippy cups are a must for each child. It is mother’s responsibility to have it filled with either milk or water daily.
  • No other food is allowed in the centre.
5. Lockers 
  • Moms keep a change of baby clothing in their locker for emergency purposes.
  • Label baby’s belongings with a permanent sharpie (available in the centre).
6. Cleanliness
  • Always spray change mat before and after diaper change and bag every diaper
  • Wash hands often.
  • All students are expected to help keep their centre organized and clean.
7. Tissue
  • We request that each mom bring a box of Kleenex to the centre.

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