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English Program

January 18, 2023

Brock Corydon School is a great place to learn.  The staff at Brock Corydon is a dedicated, enthusiastic group of professionals who are committed to fostering a love and excitement of learning.  A well-rounded education is offered in a supportive, academically challenging and inter-cultural environment.

The outcomes and standards of Manitoba Education and Training curricula are the bases of all subjects in Kindergarten to Grade 6.  Literature, mathematics, science, social studies, active lifestyles and the creative arts are integrated throughout curricula.  Learning is child centered and based on a developmental continuum, which grows in sophistication and complexity from Kindergarten through Grade 6.

 We assess for growth to measure what a child knows and to determine specific learning goals for individuals and groups.  Assessment is based on a combination of teacher observation, student work, projects, teacher made and standardized tests, and student self-evaluation. We believe in Assessment For Learning principles; incorporating formative-ongoing assessment, ongoing feedback, clarifying and sharing learning intentions, task and criteria for success with students, engineering effective classroom discussions, questions and learning tasks, engaging students as the owners of their own learning, as well as encouraging students to be instructional resources for each other.

Learning at Brock Corydon is based on the following principles:

  • Learning should be relevant and child centered
  • Learning should promote an understanding of reading/mathematics and core subject areas
  • Learning should be active
  • Learning should incorporate multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • Learning should be social and cooperative
  • Learning should include self assessment 
  • Learning should involve problem solving
  • Learning should promote quality thinking and a depth of understanding
  • Learning should promote values and ethics
  • Learning should involve process and intrinsic satisfaction
  • Learning should be goal oriented
  • Learning should be joyful 

Intercultural learning is integral to our bilingual setting.  Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities for classes from both tracks to study units together, embark on joint projects or explore each other’s customs and holidays.

Intramurals and numerous school clubs are offered.  All provide meaningful opportunities to learn and play together.

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