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February 4, 2021

To be a Brock Corydon School patrol means making a commitment to stay on the patrol team for the full school year and to follow the expectations and responsibilities as outlined below. Parents/guardians of patrols also need to make a commitment to support their child in following the expectations and fulfilling their responsibilities.

Patrols are on duty for one week at a time in the mornings from 8:45-8:55 a.m. and/or in the afternoons from 3:25-3:40 p.m.. They will be assigned to one of the following corner posts: Corydon cross walk, Brock St North of Corydon and one of the two lanes. 

Members of the School patrol team are responsible for:

  • Controlling, directing and instructing students in safely crossing the streets
  • Helping the teachers, parents and police in instructing school children about safe practices on streets at all times and in all places
  • Showing respect for the vest, flag and raincoat and making sure it is hung up properly after post

Our intention is to include all students who have applied to be on the patrol team. Ideally we would like our patrols to be on duty for both mornings and afternoons when it is their assigned week. However, in order to be inclusive, we try to schedule students to be on duty when they are available (i.e. mornings only, afternoons only or both). This does pose a scheduling challenge to accommodate students’ availability. That is why we need the students to stick to their schedule for the entire school year.

Expectations and Responsibilities:
Students are to attend all patrol training sessions that will include the following:

  • Viewing a training video over a lunch hour
  • Participate in all on-site training sessions at the designated patrol corners with current student patrols during regular patrol hours every day
  • Attending a training session with our Police Constable in the fall
  • Students are to be ready for their regular patrol duty in the mornings from 8:45-9:00 a.m. and/or in the afternoons from 3:25-3:40 p.m. 
Patrols are expected to:

  • Report promptly at the times set out by the patrol supervisor
  • Stay on duty until the patrol captain gives them the signal to leave.
  • If they can’t go on duty, tell the captain in advance. That way, a spare patrol member will be on the post while they are away.
  • All patrols need to be prepared to substitute when asked unless they have a prior commitment. 

Parents/guardians are to discuss with their child the expectations and responsibilities of being a patrol and sign the patrol application.

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