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Code of Conduct

September 26, 2022

Brock Corydon School Code of Conduct

Brock Corydon School is committed to maintaining a safe, caring and joyful learning environment. We give top priority to:

  • Respecting the rights of students and staff to have a school environment that is free from fears, prejudices, distractions, and violence.
  • Respecting all students, staff, community members and visitors regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
  • Treating students and adults with respect and dignity.
  • Helping students understand how they can contribute to building a strong and supportive school community.
  • Teaching non-violent ways of dealing with conflicts, problems and anger.
  • Modeling communication skills, problem solving and conflict mediation strategies.
  • Utilizing restorative practices to strengthen relationships, engagement, involvement, responsibility and accountability.  

Brock Corydon School has zero tolerance for violence, foul language, put downs, bullying, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour. We expect the highest of standards for student conduct and academic work.

Brock Corydon School follows the Winnipeg School Division’s Code of Conduct for Safe and Caring Schools which outlines the:

  • roles and responsibilities of students, staff and parents/guardians,
  • proactive/preventative approaches, intervention strategies and consequences for inappropriate behaviours

Please read the attached Winnipeg School Division’s Code of Conduct and discuss the contents with your child(ren).

What To Do When You Have a Problem

Bullying Booklet - Elementary

Cyberbullying Booklet

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