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Technology Education

June 20, 2022

Technology Education provides students with opportunities for solving problems, designing, making and doing, and addressing current trends and issues. Students use and study technology to create practical solutions to problems - individually or in groups - to develop technical skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Technology Education enables students to explore their ideas, gain practical experiences, and work through thinking processes in a safe and supportive environment. The ability to adapt to a changing technological society and to accept social responsibility is paramount to all Manitobans in the pursuit of new careers and lifestyles. Technology Education allows learners to evaluate their strengths and interests in career choices. It also reflects rapid changes in the workplace and allows students to make informed decisions about their future.

 Information and Communication Technology ICT

 Literacy with ICT is about students choosing and using ICT, responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information and about communication as citizens of the global community. Literacy with ICT is the basis for infusion of ICT across Manitoba curriculum. 

  Literacy with ICT Is for Me! A Parent Handbook on Learning with Information and Communication Technology 

This handbook provides a practical view of Literacy with ICT in the classroom.
Parents or guardians will find practical ideas about supporting children's use of ICT at home in safe and responsible ways.


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