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Athletics & Extra-Curricular

January 18, 2023

We offer our students many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities and to assume leadership roles in our school community.

Student Patrols: Our highly competent grades 5 and 6 student patrols are doing an outstanding job. Ensuring that students and their families cross Corydon Avenue safely is no simple task.

Student Council: Student council reps from each grade 1-6 classroom meet once a month. At these meetings, discussions center around what the students bring to the table ranging from playground issues to classroom and school-related activities. These young political leaders take their roles seriously, offering creative ideas and suggestions.

UNESCO Associated School Network: These student reps from each grade 1-6 classroom meet once a month. At these meetings, students have an opportunity to develop a global perspective on issues affecting their everyday lives and to develop initiatives that will promote peace through local, national and international partnerships in the areas of human rights, democracy and tolerance, intercultural learning and environmental issues.

Compost Crew: Grade 4 and 5 students take on the leadership role to help educate the school community on how to care for the environment. They are collecting composting materials at lunch time and ensure the recycling program functions properly.

Sound System AssistantsThese grade 5 & 6 students help set up the sound system for all assemblies and special school events.

Assembly Participants: These students from Grades 1-6 participate in leading our school assemblies as MC’s, providing reports, leading the school in the singing of O Canada.

Gardeners: Students from Grades 1-6 help care for our garden in our outdoor classroom.

Extra-Curricular Clubs: Students in Grades 1-6 are involved in a variety of clubs during the lunch hour or after school such as: 

    • Phys Ed Intramurals (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Running, Skating, Skipping, Ultimate Frisbee)
    • Yoga Club
    • Grade 5/6 Choir
    • Games Club
    • Camera Club
    • Chess Club
    • Book Club
    • Arts & Crafts Club
    • Random Acts of Kindness Club
    • And many more!

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