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Parent Information

March 13, 2023

Brock Corydon School maintains ongoing communication with parents/guardians throughout the school year in the following manner:

  • telephone calls
  • parent/teacher/student meetings
  • classroom visitations
  • email/notes home
  • student led conferences/tri-conferences
  • written report cards

Parents/guardians can best support their child's learning by: 

  • speaking with teachers about any questions or concerns they might have
  • taking the time to visit the classroom and gain a better understanding of what their child is doing 

Parents/guardians are informed as early as possible when students are:

  • experiencing difficulty and the strategies for dealing with them
  • unable to cope with the designated curricula, and need an adapted or modified programming
  • parents/guardians are informed in writing, generally by the third reporting period, if a change in program is being considered for the following year

Parents/guardians can help their children be successful at school by being supportive and positive about school work done at home. There are several ways to do this:

  • provide a comfortable, quiet place with a good light and away from distractions
  • set aside a regular time for homework or studying
  • ensure supplies are at hand
  • be available to help your child stay on task
  • read to your child regularly (even in the upper grades)
  • promote independence, "Help", but don't "Do"
  • be an interested, attentive audience
  • talk to your child's teachers if you have any questions or concerns
  • help ensure work is returned to school

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